Shooting Instruction

We are pleased to offer professional shotgun shooting instruction with Chris Schwarzer, an NSCA-certified instructor and Double-Goal Coach with years of coaching and teaching experience.  He offers instruction in Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays including 5 Stand.
In all shooting sports safety, knowledge and having fun are key ingredients to success.

Individual lessons, semi private  or group clinics are available.

Lessons or clinics are normally provided at either Walpole Sportsmens Association in Walpole Ma. or at Independent Sportsmen’s Club in Foxboro Ma.

Chris can come to your club or location if desired.  Instruction is provided for shooters from entry to intermediate shooters.
Chris coaches for a youth shooting program so youth shooting instruction is offered and encouraged from grades 5-12.
Where possible, clinics will group students of similar abilities together.

Beginners are provided with appropriate safety instruction first, followed by the knowledge and practical experience  to establish a sound basic skill set on which top performance is based.

Intermediate shooters with experience will receive instruction and coaching to refine their existing shooting style to improve their success in the field or raise their scores in competition.
Practice programs and mental aspects of performance improvement will be presented where appropriate.
Lessons or clinics are provided by advanced appointment. Call Chris directly at 508-964-0065 to make arrangements.

Private lessons are $35/hr for adults and $25/hr for Juniors (18 and under). Typical lessons run 1 to 1½ hrs, based on the needs of the student.

Group clinics are available as half-day or full-day sessions, with a maximum of 4 people per group. Half-day clinics start at $250, whole day clinics start at $450.

Students provide their own ammunition and pay for the targets they shoot at posted club prices.

Students will typically shoot 50-100 shells in a private lesson, 100-150 shells in a half-day clinic, and 200-250 shells in a full-day clinic.
It is strongly suggested that students shoot only factory-loaded ammunition in lessons and clinics.
Beginning level shooters should shoot light target loads, 1150-1175 FPS (feet per second) , 1 ounce loads  with a shot size of # 7.5 or #8
Winchester, Federal or Remington (amongst others) all make a light target load.

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